How do I place an order for a SOMBRA frame?

Simply select the desired product, size, and color, and add it to your shopping cart. Once in the cart, follow the steps to proceed with payment using your chosen method: Credit Card, PayPal, or Bank Transfer.

Can I customize the geometry of a SOMBRA frame?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer changes or modifications to the geometry. If you’d like a custom frame, you can contact B BLOQUE BIKES directly.

Can I change the color of my SOMBRA frame?

We regret to inform you that it’s not possible to modify the color of the SOMBRA frame.

Can I purchase the SOMBRA CERVUS frame without the fork?

Yes, the frame is also sold separately. Visit the store and search for the product.

How much does a SOMBRA CERVUS frame weigh?

He weight of the frames according to the sizes is as follows:
S= 2.200 Kg
M= 2.300 Kg
L= 2.415 Kg
XL= 2.470 Kg

How much does a SOMBRA CERVUS fork weigh?

The fork weighs 1.170 kg.

Can I install a double chainring on the SOMBRA CERVUS frame?

Yes, you can install a double chainring up to 36/24 T.

Can I use a Rohloff hub on my SOMBRA CERVUS frame?

Yes, but please note that you will need to use a chain tensioner and consult a specialized mechanic.

Can I return my SOMBRA frame?

Please review the Warranty and Return conditions listed here.

How is a SOMBRA frame shipped?

We use one of our shipping agencies, ensuring delivery within 24 to 48 hours. The frame is shipped with interior protection in a cardboard box.

Where is my shipment located?

Once your order is placed, you will be provided with a tracking code for monitoring. If the issue persists, please contact us so we can help resolve the incident.

What if I entered the wrong delivery address for my order?

Sometimes these things happen, so please urgently contact us to try and solve the issue.

International orders For international shipping

The cost will be calculated at checkout.

Can I see Sombra frames in a physical store?

Yes, for now, we work with Surya Bikepacking in Teruel, where you can view and test the CERVUS model.

Is the derailleur hanger included?

A derailleur hanger is included with the frame, but there is also the option to have an additional one. You can request it as an extra so that you always have a spare one available. In any case, it’s a product that we keep in permanent stock on our website.

Can I slap the MOCHO RACK on my frame?

The MOCHO RACK is designed to be a badass fit for a wide range of frames. The eyelet distance is a sweet 165 mm. Just measure the current gap between the eyelets on your frame and adjust it to the perfect size. And guess what? We’ve got you covered with a killer set of screws in different lengths. So, go ahead and pimp your ride with the MOCHO RACK, baby!